EarthxTV Expands to Latin America

EarthxTV Expands to Latin America

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EarthxTV, the Dallas-based television network dedicated to environmental sustainability, has partnered with Claro video to bring a slate of its current programming to audiences only in Mexico. The catalog is available on demand today. The partnership meets an increasing demand for entertaining and informative programming about our planet and expands EarthxTV’s global footprint into Latin America.

“Through our deal with Claro video, we’re able to deliver audiences in Mexico a range of entertaining and compelling programming that spotlights the people and places working to preserve and protect our extraordinary planet,” said Rajan Singh, head of distribution for EarthxTV.

“Claro video’s goal is to deliver programming that meets the interests of our users and communities we serve,” said Roberto Rosales, General Manager of Claro Video. “Adding EarthxTV to our catalog offer provides our viewers with access to EarthxTV’s eco-focused programming on issues important to so many.

EarthxTV launches on Claro Video with 20 popular programs with Spanish subtitles. The programming spotlights the initiatives of innovators and visionaries who are changing how we view our planet and its resources.

Initial series available on Claro Video include:

El Futuro Del Planeta spotlights environmental thought leaders who explore the critical factors affecting Mexico and Latin America with respect to ecological issues and examines evolving solutions to reverse negative trends.

American Forest Fires (Docuseries) examines the causes of our current fires and innovative solutions which could keep a disaster from setting nature ablaze.

Defenders of the Wild with Ivan Carter explores the planet to find solutions that create a balanced wildlife ecosystem.

House of What!? explores eclectic and sustainable homes and meets homeowners who share a love for strange, recycled or up-cycled building materials.

Mutant Weather offers firsthand the shocking new weather phenomena that — thanks to climate change — are changing the world around us faster than we can keep up.

Natural Disasters: Mega Regulators (Documentary) explores the interconnection between major environmental events like tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and forest fires.

Ocean Vet, narrated by Hollywood legend Michael Douglas, follows the exploits of veterinarian Dr. Neil Burnie and his team as they set out to save, protect and learn more about Bermuda’s incredible marine life.

Own the Sky follows David Mayman’s gravity-defying quest to fulfill his childhood dream to build and fly the world’s first Jet Pack turns into an all-consuming addiction that nearly costs him his life — and his family.

Salvage Hunters follows modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard who is constantly on the road in search of derelict gems for his team of restorers to give a new lease on life.

Saving Jaws features biologist Ocean Ramsey (“Shark Whisperer”) and a team of biologists as they travel the globe trying to halt their looming extinction.

The Lion Queen follows lion expert Andi Rive as she establishes a new lion orphanage and sanctuary in South Africa. Can Andi make her dream come true?

Wild Wonders with Brooke follows a young conservationist as she works side-by-side with experts from all over the globe to create unimagined adventures.


About EarthxTV

EarthxTV champions the people, places, creatures and cultures that make our planet worth protecting. Available to millions of households worldwide on a growing list of premiere cable and satellite providers, we deliver entertaining and informing audiences on topics that impact our lives — climate challenges, biodiversity, sustainability, community and more. Our mission is to reach people around the globe with sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. EarthxTV has distribution deals with Charter and the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) in the U.S., Sky and Freeview in the U.K. and Ireland, and M7 in Europe.

EarthxTV is a subsidiary of EarthX, an international nonprofit and global environmental organization founded by Trammell S. Crow. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, check out our newsroom or follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


About Claro video

Claro video is one of the leading VOD streaming services in Latin America, who bring to their audiences instant access to a competitive and complete video content offer where they can enjoy thousands of movies, series, documentaries and concerts in its catalog. Also they have the possibility to rent or buy movies just a few weeks after theatrical release. Lastly, Claro video users can subscribe to premium channels such as; FOX Sports, HBO, PICARDIA NACIONAL, ATRESPlayer, Edye, LIONSGATE+, MGM, Stingray Karaoke, Qello Concerts and rtve play+ thus providing a dynamic streaming service with several entertainment options for the whole family.

Claro video is a brand of Claro video, LLC., an affiliated company of América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V. Claro video offer its services in several Latin America countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá, Paraguay and Dominican Republic.

For more information about this and other news from Claro video visit Claro’s official page or their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.