EarthxTV October Programming Highlights

EarthxTV October Programming Highlights

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Featured in the image above: Host Chris Grundy and a homeowner in the all-new EarthxTV original series, House of What?!

This month, EarthxTV debuts two original series, “ House of What?!” and “Bikes to Bites” alongside an exciting range of programming that spotlights the initiatives of innovators and visionaries who are changing the way we look at our planet and its resources.

House of What?!
Host Chris Grundy explores eclectic and sustainable homes and meets homeowners who share a love for strange, recycled, or up-cycled building materials. Each home is transformed into a personal oasis and made from the greatest sustainable textiles on Earth. The series is produced by AMS Studio Pictures for EarthxTV.

Bike to Bites
Garrett Bess bikes across the Northeastern US and beyond and discovers amazing meals along with incredible new friends from the communities he visits. “Bike to Bites” is produced by Two Rivers Pictures for EarthxTV.

American Forest Fires
A docu-series that answers the questions: Are government policies and bureaucracy the real fire starters in America? Are answers to a major crisis staring us in the face? The series examines the causes of our current fires and innovative solutions which could keep disaster from setting nature ablaze. “American Forest Fires” is produced by Nametag Films for EarthxTV.

Follow seven incredible female conservationists from around the world, each on a mission to save a local species from the brink of extinction. The series is produced by Pronto Productions.

Wild Wonders with Brooke
As a young conservationist, host Brooke Carter learns about wildlife and what it takes to protect animals and the planet. She takes part in conservation efforts first-hand and works side-by-side with experts from all over the globe to create unimagined adventures. The series is produced by Conservation Film Company for EarthxTV.

Defenders of the Wild with Ivan Carter
Wildlife guide Ivan Carter explores the planet to find solutions to create a balanced wildlife ecosystem. Experts and researchers join Carter to spotlight the conservation efforts happening worldwide. “Defenders of the Wild with Ivan Carter” is produced by Conservation Film Company for EarthxTV.

Shamwari Untamed
Be part of the action as the Shamwari Wildlife Department in South Africa works to protect and preserve the wildlife on the 60,000-acre game reserve. Tracks Multimedia and Hungry Bison Films produce the series.

Designing Paradise
From remote resorts to spectacular palaces, see how designer Bill Bensley brings fun and wonder to the most luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. The series is produced by PBS Media.

Tasting Tasmania
Host Ben Milbourne takes off on a new whirlwind adventure circumnavigating and exploring the culinary paradise of his home, Tasmania. The series is produced by Creative Media Productions.

Reality Trip
Five New Zealanders leave their comfortable lifestyles behind and travel to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Philippines to see what goes into the products they so readily consume back home. The series is produced by Top Shelf Productions.

When Oceans Threaten Cities
Three megacities – New York City, Rotterdam, and Singapore – face unique environmental challenges as each is situated on or near bodies of water. This documentary film explores how they are reevaluating their relationship with water to survive into the next millennia. The film is co-produced by Tangerine Productions.

Natural Disasters: Mega Regulators
Scientists discover the interconnection between major environmental events like tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires. Change is coming on a global scale and the series examines these extreme phenomena which act as the great climate regulators. This documentary film is Executive Produced by Terranoa.