“Kill Your Lawn” Season 2: Rethinking Landscapes on EarthxTV

“Kill Your Lawn” Season 2: Rethinking Landscapes on EarthxTV

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EMPTY QUARTER STUDIOS is thrilled to announce the return of “Kill Your Lawn” for its much-anticipated second season, premiering April 11, 2024, on EARTHxTV. Executive produced by Billy Sprague, this innovative half-hour series dives into the global movement of replacing traditional lawns with native plant gardens, challenging viewers to reconsider their own environmental footprints.

Hosted by Joey Santore, a former railroad worker turned botanical educator from Chicago, and his best friend Al Scorch, a punk rock banjoist and bicycle mechanic, the show brings a fresh and irreverent approach to garden makeovers. Together, they are on a mission to eliminate water-guzzling lawns and promote biodiversity by creating pollinator-friendly landscapes.

As the world grapples with a severe global drought, “Kill Your Lawn” highlights the urgency of adopting sustainable landscaping practices. The benefits of ditching a traditional lawn are extensive:

  • Water Conservation: Transitioning to native plant gardens significantly reduces water usage, an essential move in dry climates.
  • Environmental Impact: By avoiding pesticides and fertilizers, native gardens foster healthier ecosystems.
  • Cost Savings: Less maintenance means more savings on water bills, landscaping services, and upkeep.
  • Biodiversity: Replacing monoculture lawns with diverse native plants supports local wildlife and boosts ecological health.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Native gardens offer a unique beauty that distinguishes them from ordinary lawns.

The show has captivated audiences with its unconventional methods, including the use of catapults, harpoons, and even Old Bay seasoning to remove lawns. David Madison, one of the executive producers, noted, “The ‘Kill Your Lawn’ movement is expanding, and Empty Quarter Studios is leading the charge by capturing transformative yard makeovers.”

Available on multiple platforms including Charter’s Spectrum TV, FuboTV, and internationally on Sky and Freeview in the U.K., and M7 in Europe, EARTHxTV has become a hub for inspiring content that motivates viewers to make sustainable choices.

Don’t miss the eight half-hour episodes that redefine the garden makeover genre. For more details, visit emptyquarterstudios.com or earthxmedia.com.