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Discover the incredible work being done by leading female conservationists around the world, each on a mission to save a local species from the brink of extinction.


Kerstin Forsberg

Kerstin Forsberg is Peruvian marine scientist, an internationally-recognized conservation leader and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and director of Planeta Océano, an organization empower...

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Monique Pool

Monique Pool, known to many as the “Sloth Lady,” is somewhat of a celebrity in Suriname’s capital city, Paramaribo.

Founder and director of Green Heritage Fund Suriname and a CNN Hero,...

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Karen Allen

The Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (BANP) is home to East Africa’s last remaining viable dugong population. Approximately 260 individuals are left. Their most significant threat the illegal g...

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Elena Bykova

I was born in Uzbekistan and have lived here most of my life. Over the years, I’ve seen the impact of numerous environmental issues – land degradation, poaching and climate change – that have...

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Deidre Vercoe

Deidre Vercoe has dedicated her career to bringing endangered birds back from the brink.

The life-long conservationist is Operations Manager for DOC’s kākāpō and takahē recovery progra...

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Anna Oposa

Anna is the Executive Director and “Chief Mermaid” of Save Philippine Seas, a movement to protect the Philippines’ coastal and marine resources by mobilizing seatizen-led initiatives for coll...

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Lorane Mouzon