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Jump into the gritty world of anti-poaching. Discover how Mfana Xaba and his elite anti-poaching unit track and take down big game poachers in the Zambezi Delta. Perilous patrols, family balance, and poacher pursuits come to life in this crime-fighting series that shines a personal light on saving wildlife.


Mfana Xaba

Mfana’s strong belief in discipline has taken him far as an anti-poacher. He began his anti-poaching career in South Africa before moving to Mozambique. He now leads a team of 19 anti-poachin...

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Joao Nhazua

Joao Nhazua was once a poacher himself. He now uses his past experiences to get inside the minds of the poachers he catches.

Alberto Florindo

Antonio is deeply committed to his work as a conservationist and anti-poacher. He wants to keep animals around for future generations.